Success in Business


After looking through some of the most successful businesses I wondered why they were successful? A business has many different parts that need to be working well together at the same time, it starts from the top down.  The managers of the company must be able to implement new ideas in order for their business to grow. They must be open to change. There has to be great communication between all members of the community. Employees have to be open to new ideas and try not to get set in their ways. There has to be some form of medium that messages can get across between members of the community. Everyone in the community has to know their place and must be willing to make sacrifices for the betterment of the company. For a company to also be successful it must be efficient as possible. There can be no wasted actions throughout the business process. The main key to having success in a business is making sure everyone is on the same page and has the same goal. In a business there cannot be one person working just to improve their status. They have to want to get better for the company, and in doing so they help themselves out.

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Techniques in Business

Anyone working in the business field knows there is so much they can do to improve their craft. Accountants will look for new math techniques in order to speed up their work. There are formulas that are developed through out the business world to get the best possible out come. People in business constantly practice their communication skills. Technique is crucial to the success of one’s career. Warren Buffet based his technique of smart investing all on the foundation of patience. People in business work on technique from as big as projecting thier voice in meetings to the handshake at the end. Technique just as anything else in life is important.

Cost and Benefits of Working in Business

Working in the business field can be a very exciting thing.  To start off, there is a very real possibility you can end up traveling the world and experience new things. The business field gives you numerous opportunities to go and explore the world. One has the ability to make a lot of money in this profession if they work hard and give themselves to their work. In business, you have the opportunity to work with a lot of great people. Some trade offs in this profession is the possibility of being away from your home and your family a lot. There’s also the case of doing business in a part of the world you have no desire going to. Depending on if you have a family or not, your work load could be a cost or a benefit.

Business in College


In college one should expect to take a number of math and economic courses. Along with these there are computer business courses which help one understand the computer skills needed in the business field. There are speech classes which helps students talk in front of their peers which will  aid them in the future when they are in meetings, or have to give a big presentation. There are marketing classes as well as accounting classes which give someone the background knowledge needed to pursue a business career.

Working when your not in class greatly aids you in your pursuit of a business career. At your job, you’ll learn how to deal with your fellow peers on a professional level and you’ll learn how to deal with a boss. Working at any establishment instills some of the most essential skills such as respect, and responsibility that are needed in the business world.

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Warren Buffet


Warren Buffet is one of the most famous investors in the world. He is known to many as the “Wizard of Omaha”.  He was born into this community. His dad was a stockbroker, so he naturally took after him. He has been able to create a multi-billion dollar company over the years. Warren Buffet values charity.He has pledged money to the Bill Gates Foundation and has given away a lot of his money to his favorite charities. Mr. Buffet also values patience. He has learned over the years not to sell stocks right away if they are not doing well, and has learned not to jump on stocks right away. Even though Warren Buffet was born into this community he worked just as hard as anybody else in his profession. Warren Buffet is the perfect example of someone who has worked hard all his life and made his job his life. By doing this, he has become the one of the most successful business men in the world.

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Trends in Business

There are numerous trends taking the business field by storm day in and day out. When these trends occur, employees as well as their employers must be able to adapt. This concept may be difficult to some since they are used to doing things a certain way. It is important in the business field that people can accept change and deal with it so they can excel at their jobs for the good of the company.

One new trend that has taken the business field by storm is known as Outside-In Innovation. In this trend, companies look to their consumers for inspiration to help produce some new products. They also send their employees off to different locations in the hope that their employees can look at problems in a different light. The ability of a company to adapt to change determines how well they do in the future.

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Getting Your Start in the Business Field

There are two ways that people can end up having a job in business. One way is to be born into it. There a bunch of family businesses throughout the U.S in which the ownership properties get passed down from generation to generation. The other way is to simply go to school for some sort of business degree. Whether your born into the business community or have chosen it, you must still undergo some sort of internship.

In this internship, one spends a considerable amount of time learning different techniques. They learn about their craft and the best ways to advance in their field.  People who are said to have been born into this field still must take time to learn the ropes so they can continue a successful business. The biggest reason for going through an internship is for one to engulf themselves in that culture. The more they let that culture consume them, the better they will be at their job. In business, you can’t fake it, you either know it or you don’t.

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