The Business Discourse Community


The business discourse community consists of numerous traits. It consists of a set lexis, employees who are characterized by what they do, and beliefs and values that are widely held by everyone in the business community. Many people in the business discourse community believe in the power of money. This is exemplified through countless examples of businesses taking over what ever they can in order to make me the most money possible. People in the business world value efficiency. Being efficient means doing as little as possible in order to make the most money possible. In a business discourse community, you are who you are based on what you do. There are a number of things you can do in business, so whatever one finds themselves doing is exactly what their going to be labeled as. In the business discourse community as well as other communities, there is a certain lexis. In this community there are certain terms that are used that aren’t used anywhere else. All these traits describe a business community.


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