Warren Buffet


Warren Buffet is one of the most famous investors in the world. He is known to many as the “Wizard of Omaha”.  He was born into this community. His dad was a stockbroker, so he naturally took after him. He has been able to create a multi-billion dollar company over the years. Warren Buffet values charity.He has pledged money to the Bill Gates Foundation and has given away a lot of his money to his favorite charities. Mr. Buffet also values patience. He has learned over the years not to sell stocks right away if they are not doing well, and has learned not to jump on stocks right away. Even though Warren Buffet was born into this community he worked just as hard as anybody else in his profession. Warren Buffet is the perfect example of someone who has worked hard all his life and made his job his life. By doing this, he has become the one of the most successful business men in the world.

Here you can find a more detailed bio on the life of Warren Buffet:



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