Branches of Business


There are many fields to pursue in business. Accountants are people who have great math backgrounds and deal with finances of people or over big businesses. People in advertising and marketing have great people skills and now how to push their products into different markets. The sports management field brings business and sports together. One has to understand sports as much as they understand business to be successful in this field. Stock brokers handle and invest a firms money in order to hopefully earn more money in the long run. People in the management field deal with running a business. They have to be able to manage everything from the business, to its employees, all the way down to their schedules. No matter what someone is interested in, there is almost always a business field that suits their interests.

The following link will help aid you in what career path to take in business as well as the schools that provide your specific degree:



The Business Discourse Community


The business discourse community consists of numerous traits. It consists of a set lexis, employees who are characterized by what they do, and beliefs and values that are widely held by everyone in the business community. Many people in the business discourse community believe in the power of money. This is exemplified through countless examples of businesses taking over what ever they can in order to make me the most money possible. People in the business world value efficiency. Being efficient means doing as little as possible in order to make the most money possible. In a business discourse community, you are who you are based on what you do. There are a number of things you can do in business, so whatever one finds themselves doing is exactly what their going to be labeled as. In the business discourse community as well as other communities, there is a certain lexis. In this community there are certain terms that are used that aren’t used anywhere else. All these traits describe a business community.

What does the Business Field Entail?


When entering the business field one is expected to be good at communicating. In business, there is more face to face interaction then there is with most other jobs. There are meetings throughout the day, and communication is vital for a business to strive. How good one is at expressing there ideas determines whether or not they keep their job. The business community also deals a lot in math. The type of math as well as how advanced you should be in it depends on the type of business field you enter. Take for example an accountant and a stock broker. Both have to have a great math background, however a stock broker is expected to be able to do all of his math in his head, while an accountant isn’t.

Other skills needed in this field are:

  • Have to know how to deal with your bosses and employees in the proper manner
  • An understanding of business logistics
  • An understanding of business legal issues

Here you’ll find more skills you will need to develop in order to strive in the Business Field: